Need Urgent Support?

Please utilize an emergency service or a crisis hotline in your area if you:

  • Are in a mental health crisis
  • Have thoughts of harming yourself or someone else
  • Are gravely disabled and unable to take care of yourself or those in your care
  • Are abusing substances or have an addiction
  • If a loved one is in need of an intervention

A Note About Minor Attraction And Mandatory Reporting

If you seek mental health help for having a sexual attraction to children, you are hereby notified that a mental health provider may be required to report to law enforcement under circumstances specific to that provider and the location they are in. It is best, in this situation, to ask questions of a mental health provider to better understand what these circumstances are.

These laws vary by location, and you are responsible for knowing what they are and how they affect your situation. A therapist may report you regardless if they are unaware or unclear about their legal obligations, or wish to protect their legal liability, so asking them questions is a good idea.

For more about urgent situations that may apply to a sexual attraction to children, see this page.