Support For Teenagers

This rest of this site is not really for you unless you are doing a research project, but you are welcome to explore any of the sections below that are meant for those under the age of 18.

Why 18 years old? That is the “age of majority” in most places, which means that 18 is the age you would be considered an adult. Because of that, there are limits about what you can do to get help in a variety of situations.

For example, you cannot see a therapist on your own: You need your parent’s permission to talk with a therapist about most issues, especially those related to sex and sexuality. You also cannot visit some websites, access some resources… there is a whole lot of things that impact what you cannot do if you are under 18!

If you and your family are religious, and you have sexual feelings that make you wonder if you are sinning or are an immoral person, then this section might help you sort through some of those feelings, or give you ideas to help address your feelings.

If you are 12 years old or older, and you like younger children in a sexual way (your body gets excited when you think about younger children), then this section might give you some information and resources you can use.

LGBTQ+ Questions

If you are a girl and you have sexual feelings mainly for other girls, you may be called lesbian. If you are a boy and you have sexual feelings mainly for other boys, you may be called gay. If you are a boy or girl and you have sexual feelings towards both boys and girls, you may be called bisexual. If you are a boy, but you feel like you should have been a girl, or if you are a girl, but you feel like you should have been born a boy, you may be called transgender. Sometimes, people also apply “queer” or “questioning” if you are not sure how you feel yet. Collectively, they are called LGBTQ+. Reading this section may help you understand your sexuality and where you can get more information.

If you have general questions about health, like questions about food, cooking, growing up, feelings, and other topics, the above link is a great place to learn some basic stuff about lots of topics.

If you want to find out information about personal safety, internet safety, cell phone safety, bullying, cyberbullying, as well as health topics, you can see the above link for great information.