The story of The Primary Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse began early in 2012 with the idea to write a book. The book was to be titled, Behind The Moustache, and was to discuss the stereotypes of child molesters, child molestation, and how the stereotypes do not match up to reality. TNF 13 got about 90 pages into the book and went back to edit it, and realized that there were a lot of things he needed to go back and change: Things that needed to be explained more, things that needed simplifying, how this one sentence was not clear enough, how he needed more research…

Instead of following through with the book, the book was scrapped in its entirety, and the blog (originally Prevent Sex Offense) came to be. Over time, the blog, which started as a way of journaling out some of the ideas behind the book, instead became a way to educate, inform, and advocate for the end of child sexual abuse… before it can happen. Well, for an advocate, a blog is simply not set up to have static menus, links, and information that is readily available. What it has become today, a way of informing about new research, news articles, and ideas is more in line with what a blog is designed for.

That has now formed this site, which is set up to provide anyone who wants basic information about the prevention of child sexual abuse in an easy-to-use interface… without ads, without telling you to “buy this online training course”, and is fully supported by transparent research citations that you can look up for yourself.

While building this site, there were new ideas being formed in prevention circles that people needed stories that the public can relate to in order to know why certain prevention policies need improving. Therefore, another branch of The Primary Prevention Of Child Sexual Abuse was formed: TNF 13’s stories on WordPress.

Today, all three work in tandem to provide a platform where people can see news in the prevention field (the blog), facts and help (this site), and the stories to humanize the vast and complex arena of sexual abuse prevention (TNF 13 on WordPress).