Why Are Facts Important To Abuse Prevention?

Simply, without facts, we cannot protect children. The analogy that comes to mind with sex abuse prevention is trying to play a sport blindfolded. Golf? Yeah, you could hit someone with that club and do some real damage. Football? You will probably run into someone, or they might run into you.

It makes sense to bring reliable facts to the table when talking about the prevention of sexual violence, particularly child sexual abuse. And yet, on a cultural level in many societies, we believe myths because they are echoed in conventional “wisdom” (which usually just end up being rape myths) and in media reports. They sound like they make sense, and so we believe them.

Believing the facts about child sexual abuse is not an easy thing because what we have heard and been told about it simply does not match the research. Some experts say that public understanding of the issue is about 30 years behind what science is, and the science is behind too.

Regardless, it takes courage to learn the facts, and you have come to the right place. This site prioritizes current science over what is popular. Because of that, you might have questions or want to learn more. By all means fact-check this site! Just remember that because research is prioritized here, many fear-mongering non-profit/charity sites will have information that does not match the research.