The Primary Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse
Primary prevention, not primarily reaction.

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For Parents: Get Help!

Finding resources on child sexual abuse as a parent can be a challenge, and finding a good resource list that is short and to the point can be even more of a challenge. This page simplifies the topic into three sections, and each section gives you helpful information and resources to choose from.


Considering that your child might have an attraction to children, or hearing from your child that they are attracted to children, can be a difficult subject to navigate. Get some basic questions answered, and learn where you can go for more information and professional help, if needed. You may also consider reading the fact section on pedophilia.


Knowing that your child was sexually abused can be devastating. You need to know that most victims of sexual abuse go on to lead perfectly healthy lives, and the earlier you can get them to a professional, the better off they will be. This section can serve as a helpful navigation tool to the many services that are available, as well as lead you through the reporting process. Always remember that holding the abuser accountable is the most important thing you can do, both for your child and for the abuser. 


Protecting your children from child sexual abuse can seem like a tricky thing to do. You cannot always supervise your child, and not knowing what to do about it can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, there are patterns, behaviors, and situations you can watch for. There are also many facts about child sexual abuse you can review.