The Primary Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse
Primary prevention, not primarily reaction.

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Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Articles

While some of the other pages have articles directly relevant to the topic they cover, this page focuses on the prevention of abuse. For the same reason that articles discussing cases of specific sex offenders are not included in the sex offender articles page, this page will not discuss specific cases of child sexual abuse.

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and Sexual Assault Awareness Month The Huffington Post/Paul Heroux, March, 2016

This is an op-ed written by Paul Heroux, a Massachusetts State Representative, and discusses why it is necessary to lay emotion aside when discussing the difficult topic of child sexual abuse. It outlines several ways that child sexual abuse can be prevented, some of the facts around the issue, and makes a few points about the sex offender registry as well.

‘Does anyone know what private means?’: Sex abuse prevention for kids and parents The Age, February, 2017


This is a great overview of some of the basics kids and parents should know about preventing child sexual abuse, from discussing private areas, trusted people, and knowing that abuse is not often perpetrated by strangers.


Hennepin County Readies for $13 Million Child Protection Overhaul, The Star Tribune, March, 2017


This is a great discussion around preventing abuse before it happens. While it does not mention child sexual abuse specifically, it does give a glimpse into the fact that our current systems in place to address the abuse of children are typically effective after the fact, not before.


Turn the tide against child sexual abuse in Maine, Seacoast Online, May, 2017


This is an article with some practical tips around how to prevent abuse, but also uses much of the proper terminology that prevention is all about. While many of the organizations are specific to Maine, there is great information about child advocacy centers.


Lecturers critique child sexual abuse prevention policies, The Johns Hopkins News-Letter, May, 2017


This article overviews the Child Sexual Abuse Symposium held by The Moore Center for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse. They overview a variety of topics, such as bad/ineffective policy and its costs, a documentary (Untouchable, by David Feige), a middle school dating violence prevention program, and the presence of child maltreatment in sexual offenders. This article is packed with information that barely scratches each topic. See the full symposium in the videos section, or view coverage of the symposium on the blog