Minor Attraction News Articles

The sad reality: Usually when you read about “pedophilia” on the news, it is a story discussing child sexual abuse, and when you see “pedophile”, they mean “sexual abuser”. These articles discuss actual pedophilia, the sexual attraction to children, and those with that attraction. This list of articles is not exhaustive, and is aimed at someone unfamiliar with these topics. For a more comprehensive list of articles, see the resource page at Virtuous Pedophiles.

This article discusses Circles of Support and Accountability, as well as treatment for pedophilia for both offending and non-offending pedophiles. While it may be shocking for some, it is a great start to understanding pedophilia, treatment, and how sexual abuse can be prevented.

This article discusses the difference between pedophilia and child sexual abuse, some of the research around pedophilia, and states that pedophiles usually only molest children when they “feel the most desperate” and that “much of what society does has been to increase rather than decrease their desperation”. It is a very enlightening read and asks the question… what if we made it easier for pedophiles to get help, before they abuse a child?

This article looks at some of the realities about pedophilia that have been uncovered in the last two decades of research, and makes the argument that tolerating pedophiles and helping them can help prevent child sexual abuse. It is very thought-provoking if you are new to pedophilia and how it is separate from child sexual abuse.

This is an in-depth story covering the story of a teenager with pedophilia, and his journey through trying to find help for his struggle with pedophilia. It is the written version of a story that aired on This American Life, written by Luke Malone, who also did the original interview.

This article overviews the research of Paul Federoff into changing pedophilia, and some of the criticisms his research has attracted. While Federoff claims that he has eliminated pedophilia in his clients, other researchers suggest that Federoff’s data do not support his claims.

This article discusses sexuality, and the idea that those with a born sexuality did not choose their sexuality, but can choose what they do with it. They apply that idea to pedophilia, and what some groups are doing to help those with pedophilia who do not want to act on their urges.

This article discusses pedophilia from a scientific standpoint, differentiating it from child sexual abuse and pointing out some of the little-known ideas about child sexual abuse and pedophilia. Overall, a wonderful introduction to the topic of pedophilia as it relates to child sexual abuse.

This article discusses sexual attraction to children as it relates to preventing child sexual abuse. They look at some of the stigma involved in pedophilia, motivations behind child sexual abuse, and reviews some of the recent research into pedophilia.

This article discusses some of the science behind pedophilia, and the current efforts among researchers to understand pedophilia. It is written more from a medical point of view, covering some of the research and findings from recent studies.

This article discusses the distinction between child sex offenders and pedophiles, and takes a hard look at some of the facts around pedophilia and child sexual abuse. It is very eye-opening to anyone unfamiliar with pedophilia as it relates to child sexual abuse.