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Get Help For Lots Of Stress

If you have lots of stress, and you turn to sexual behaviors to cope with that stress, then this page is for you. It does not matter what your chosen behavior is: If it is sexual in nature, then you have come to the right place.

Why Get Help?

If you are at this page, you probably know the reason why: You just cannot do it on your own. You have tried, and you are getting more and more desperate, more and more lonely, and more and more afraid. It is time for that cycle to end. Chances are, the people who care about you are concerned. They have probably noticed that something is off, and they might have said something to you. Well, they say that because they care about you, they just do not know what is bothering you. They can be a valuable resource in helping you take the first steps to getting help, but they need to know what is going on. That is not an easy conversation to have, but it can start with the words, "I have a problem that I have hidden from you, and I want your help in facing that problem and getting better."

Yes, that first step is hard to take. But once you do, a whole new world opens: A world where you can be honest with the people closest to you, and you do not have to hide anymore. Keeping secrets and finding that new high can take a lot more energy than you think, and having that weight lifted is like those martial arts movies where people train with weights, and then take them off for a fight and get faster and stronger. You probably never even noticed the weight was there before, and chances are that you will not unless you tell someone about what is going on. Even if that first step is calling a hotline, it is a step worth taking. Below are some resources you can use to finding help with sexual issues related to stress.

Resources Available For Sexual Issues


This company has a variety of assessment and treatment services. While it is based in Minnesota and Pennsylvania, they may be able to refer you to resources in your area. While they focus on cybersex, internet, and sexual addictions, they may be able to help you pin down other resources related to these areas. 

This is a 12-step program designed for those with sexual addiction or dependency issues. They have meetings in the US, Canada, and a variety of other countries. They also have electronic meetings if your country is not represented, and they have a handy tool at the top to find out if their program is right for you. Similar programs are Sexaholics Anonymous and Sexual Compulsives Anonymous.

This is a support system for parents. Their helpline (US, 1-855-427-2736) is available M-F, 10am-7pm PST, and many resources are available on their website.


Stop It Now! operates a helpline available in the United States, and they can direct you to resources in those areas as well as serving as someone to talk to. Most contact is anonymous. While Stop It Now! does have a UK branch, this site does not recommend them due to their sex-negative approach to fantasy.

This organization is one of many focused on sexual health, and they have a tool that can show affiliate therapists on a map. This can be a useful start for finding therapy, though doing a simple Google search with "sexual health therapists in [location]" may be easier.