Twitter Policies

In case you have any questions about how I manage my Twitter account, here are the general guidelines I follow:

  1. Retweets and likes are not endorsements, they are meant to bring more awareness to specific issues or ideas. My private ideas are my own, and the purpose of my Twitter account, broadly, is to drive people to the idea that child sexual abuse and sexual violence are currently treated as criminal justice issues rather than as public health issues.
  2. Blocking: Trolls and haters get blocked, as does basically anyone that repeatedly tweets with my username containing ideas that run contrary to this site’s mission statement. If you find yourself blocked, please do not take it personally. I have specific goals on Twitter that may simply not be in alignment with your goals. Should you wish to get a hold of me, you have many ways by which you can do so, including through this website, which is covered by my privacy policy.
  3. Discussions are fine, personal attacks are not: If we are discussing something, stick to the subject. If you do not, you will find yourself on my blocklist.
  4. This may be redundant, but in general, I am on Twitter to advocate specific narratives that fulfill a specific set of goals. I am not on Twitter to ruin my mental health. Accounts that I encounter that run contrary enough to those specific narratives may be preemptively blocked, or reactively blocked with/without a comment based on how much I feel the need to distance myself from whatever it is you said. Again, please do not take this personally. I have a public image to maintain.