The Primary Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse
Stopping child sexual abuse... before it can happen.

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Videos and Podcasts About Pedophilia

This compilation of media is your chance to see experts and speakers discussing some of the hard questions about pedophilia, especially as it relates to child sexual abuse.

Sickboy (a podcast discussing a wide variety of chronic illnesses): Podcast on Pedophilia (1 hour)

Features Dr. James Cantor, who is an expert on pedophilia and a wide variety of other sexual issues, in discussing pedophilia.

Nicoletta: The Truth about Pedophiles

Elizabeth Letourneau: Child Sexual Abuse is Preventable, Not Inevitable

Luke Broomhall/TEDxAdelaide: How do we protect our children from the unspeakable?

Help Wanted: Interventions for Adolescents Sexually Attracted to Younger Children