The Primary Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse
Primary prevention, not primarily reaction.

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Additional Resources

While many of the facts, sources, and information covered in the "Facts" section is certainly comprehensive, there are many other organizations you can go to for more information, as well as sites that can help you stay up-to-date on current research. Here are some of them, in no particular order.


The Moore Center works hard at advocating against child sexual abuse by conducting research, forming policy recommendations, and educating the public. The Moore Center is headed by Elizabeth Letourneau, a well-known researcher in the prevention of child sexual abuse. 

ATSA is an organization that researches and treats sexual abusers with the goal of developing primary prevention policies and systems. They are internationally known and respected, and are very active politically in pushing for policies that are effective. 

This is a blog that discusses some of the research and articles that published in the journal of ATSA. While the authors are ATSA-affiliated, the blog is not. It is very similar to Nextgenforensic in many respects, but aimed more at academics than the average person.


Nextgenforensic is a blog that helps circulate current research, theory, and best practices around sexual offending. They have a wide variety of information from researchers about many topics. They are more focused on academics and letting the facts speak for themselves than they are about advocating any particular subject. 

This is an organization that advocates for constitutional requirements on sex offenders, rational policies around sexual crimes, and increased public safety through effective laws and practices. Among many other things, they have a wide variety of facts and research available on a wide variety of topics, which you can find on their "resources" page.

This organization is headed by Dr. David Finkelhor, and studies a variety of crimes against children and investigates how they may be prevented. They are primarily an academic organization.